Inspector's Blog

These are some interesting things that have been found during a regular home inspection.
Some of them are common and others are one of a kind.

Deteriorated roof vent flashing allows water to enter the attic and should be replaced.

Hose bibs that stick out this far can create a real trip hazard. In this case the plumbing going into the home was not attached to anything.

Double tapping of the main power supply is a serious safety hazard and needs to be corrected immediately by a licensed electrician.

Fresh moisture stains on the subfloor combined with corroded and stained fittings and pipes are signs of an active leak from above. This needs to be corrected before it becomes a very costly repair.

Appling silicone is NOT the correct way to stop a leak. New washers and/or gaskets should be installed by a licensed professional plumber.

Vent pipe from a bathroom fan should vent to the outside and not into the attic. Improper venting can cause condensation to form in the attic which will in turn cause mold to grow as well as reducing the effectiveness of the insulation.

Cracks in the cast iron main drain line will deteriorate until it rusts through completely, causing raw sewage to leak into the basement or crawlspace. When this happens it becomes a serious health hazard as well as a very expensive repair. Recommendation is to have a licensed plumber replace all these fitting before it’s too late.

Insulation being installed upside down is often found during an inspection. The vapor barrier (paper side) should always face into the conditioned space / living area. Additionally, the drain lines shown should not drain into the main cleanout and drain vents should not vent into the crawlspace. This is a serious safety/health hazard.

This fuse panel is in overall poor condition. Corroded contacts and housing as well as double tapping of the fuses are just some of the reasons that this panel should be replaced by a licensed electrician.

This is NOT the proper way to support floor joists or main beams. Recommend contracting with a licensed building contractor evaluate and repair situations like this.